What is Fillit+?

Wallet with IBAN & UK account number with sort code, Debit Virtual & Plastic Visa®, EUR & GBP Currencies, SEPA & UK Faster Payments
What is Fillit+?


  Euro British Pound
Card and PIN Fees
Account creation fee with EUR IBAN or GBP sort code € 249.99 £ 249.99
Plastic Card (Standard Shipping: 1-3 weeks delivery) € 14.99 £ 14.99
Virtual Card € 11.99 £ 11.99
Transaction Fees
Monthly Service charge € 9.99 £ 9.99
ATM Domestic € 2.99 £ 2.99
ATM International 2.40% + € 1.79 2.40% + £ 1.79
POS Domestic (and within SEPA Inc. MOTO/CNP) free free
POS International (Inc. MOTO/CNP) 1.00% + € 0.79 1.00% + £ 0.79
FX mark up 2.99% 2.99%
ATM Transaction Decline free free
VISA Direct / OCT Domestic 1.45% (€ 0.50 minimum) 1.45% (£ 0.50 minimum)
VISA Direct / OCT Outside International 1.45% (€ 0.50 minimum) 1.45% (£ 0.50 minimum)
POS Transaction Decline/return fee free free
Wallet to wallet transfer - sender € 0.99 £ 0.99
Wallet to wallet transfer - receiver € 0.99 £ 0.99
Bank transfer from wallet to UK bank account N/A £ 0.99
Bank transfer from wallet to bank within SEPA region € 0.99 N/A
Charge for all loading through bank transfer 1.45% (€ 0.50 minimum, € 9.99 maximum) 1.45% (£ 0.50 minimum, £ 9.99 maximum)
Online PIN reveal € 0.75 per reveal online £ 0.75 per reveal online
Other Fees
Charges for any change of the Account details € 150.00 £ 150.00
Card cash out/Administration Fee € 49.99 £ 49.99
Charges for Prohibited Transactions € 150.00 £ 150.00
Chargebacks, Negative Balances and Refunds € 30.00 £ 30.00
Charges for Bank Transfer Investigation € 49.99 £ 49.99
  Euro British Pound
Maximum balance
*No minimum balance
€50,000.00 £50,000.00
Maximum Amount to be Loaded (24 hours) €5,000.00 £5,000.00
Maximum ATM Withdrawals (24 hours) €1,000.00 £1,000.00
Maximum ATM Withdrawals (1 month) €15,000.00 £15,000.00
Maximum POS/Signature Purchases (24 hours) €10,000.00 £10,000.00

Acquiring Services

Acquiring Services for Businesses

Our acquiring solution is dedicated to every business. We conquered huge knowledge of the specific markets. In combination with best fees in the market, our solution is the best solution for every business and will acquire you the power to become part of the digital economy.


Cruise Industry

Acquiring Services for Cruise Industry.
Our acquiring solution is dedicated to Cruise Industry.
We conquered huge knowledge of the specific markets.

In combination with best fees in the market, our solution is the best solution for every cruise company and will Acquire you the power to become part of the digital economy.

Hotel Industry

Acquiring Services for Hotel Industry.
Our acquiring solution is also dedicated to Hotel Industry.
We understand the varied needs of your business and the payments industry.
We can provide you with the ability to accept electronic payments safely and securely, across the globe.


Payroll Management

Fast, Accurate & Affordable
Let Fillit be your partner in growing your business.

Pay employees easily

Just enter the hours and automatically get instant paychecks. You can print the checks yourself or use FREE direct deposit. It’s that easy!

Work with your accountant on taxes

Create reports for your accountant for tax filings. Basic includes tax calculations but doesn’t include tax forms – choose Enhanced Payroll for that.

Accept Payments

Point of Sale

Accept Chip & PIN Payments at your Point of Sale

Cashless point of sale payment with a prepaid card is easy and convenient for your customers. Leverage new sales potential and facilitate fast, easy and convenient transactions by implementing a POS solution from Ecomm Merchant Solutions.


Our POS Visa and Mastercard acceptance terminals are the easiest and quickest methods for processing card payments.


For cashless payment processing at every point of sale, both countertop and mobile, we offer a specialised range of cutting edge terminals from industry leader, PAX Technology.


Accept contactless payments – for small payments it's as simple as 'tap and go'. There is no need for your customer to put their card into the terminal or enter a PIN.

The S920 is the world’s sleekest compact mobile point of sale terminal, packed with the most complete range of payment industry certifications ever and is manufactured to the highest of global standards using state-of-the-art technology and high-end materials.

Featuring a large ultra-clear high-definition multimedia colour touch screen and a beautiful back-lit keypad, the pocket-sized S920 is the hospitality & restaurant industry’s preferred choice, where portability, usability and seamless customer interaction are key requirements. Merchants adore the S920’s elegant sleek chassis, the superior battery life and the faster transaction times powered by a high-tech processor, larger memory capacity, and embedded contactless and NFC technology.

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  • 3G, 4G, GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Contactless, Chip, Magstripe
  • Large Colour Touch Screen
  • Visa & Mastercard NFC
  • High Capacity Battery
  • High Speed Printer
  • PCI PTS 4.x, SRED
  • Linux OS
S920 Mobile Terminal

The beautifully designed D200 integrates with any mobile payment app running on iOS or Android smart device via Bluetooth, WiFi, GPRS or cable connection. The D200 offers the latest PCI PTS 3.x security, SRED and Visa payWave & Mastercard PayPass contactless certification. Apple Inc. has given the D200 a special certification called MFi meaning that Apple has tested and approved the D200 to meed the highest performance standards for integratio with any iPad or iPhone.

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  • Contactless, Chip, Magstripe
  • iOS & Android Compatible
  • VISA & Mastercard NFC
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi Apple MFi approved
  • PCI PTS 3.x, SRED

PAX's S800 is the world's most innovative countertop payment terminal powered by a secure and flexible Linux operating platform. This supports rapid development of customized and secure software applications that give new meaning to the concept of payment and valueadded services.

The S800 comes in a compact and stylish form factor, equipped with large colour screen, wide choice of connectivity options and built-in NFC capability to enable mobile and contactless transactions. The S800 packs a 32-bit ARM11 processor and massive amounts of memory via Micro SD to deliver exceptional performance.

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  • Sleek compact design
  • Built-in contactless / NFC
  • Fast thermal printer (25 lps)
  • Multiple peripheral ports
  • Advanced DDR technology
  • 400MHz 32-bit ARM11 processor
S800 Countertop

Alipay Merchant Solutions

Convenient Alipay payment offered by Fillit.

Alipay Image

Benefits of accepting Alipay for Merchants

  • 450 million Alipay users worldwide
  • Free marketing promotion from the build-in platform ‘discover’, which will guide users to your store, and will promote your store and discounts to the customers directly and effectively
  • Alipay will also offer extra coupons to attract the customers to shop in your store
  • Settlement to your bank account or our prepaid card
  • No set up fee, easy boarding process

Customer Scans Merchant mode

  • We will provide a simple barcode stand to each merchant. The merchant’s unique barcode is scanned by the customer and the amount is entered
  • Fillit Merchant Solutions settle directly with the Merchant
Alipay Image




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