Card Fee (including: MasterCard Chip PIN (lost stolen at same cost, Card Carrier,
Envelopes and Card personalisation fee)
13.50 €
Virtual card creation (per card) 6.50 €


Activation Fee FREE
Monthly Service charge 1.50 €
ATM SEPA  2.99 €
ATM International  2.40% + 1.80€
ATM Balance inquiry (PIN change at ATM /ATM Decline Fee)  0.50€
POS Domestic (and within SEPA Inc. MOTO/CNP)  FREE
POS International (Inc. MOTO/CNP)  1% + 0.80€ per transaction
SMS Balance check, block/unblock, activate per SMS  0.30€
ATM Transaction Decline   0.50€
MasterCard MoneySend (Mastercard Payment Transactions / Gaming Credit) SEPA  1.00€
MasterCard MoneySend (Mastercard Payment Transactions / Gaming Credit) Outside - SEPA  1.00€ + 0.50%
POS Transaction Decline/return fee  0.50€



SMS/Internet Prepaid card load 3.50%
SMS/Internet Credit card load 3.50%
SMS/Internet Card to Card transfer 1.00 €
Bank transfer from card to UK bank account 3.00 €
Bank transfer form card to bank within SEPA region 6.00 €
Bank transfer from card to bank outside SEPA region 29.00 €
SMS – PIN resend 1.50 €
Online PIN reveal 0.75 € per reveal online
Inactivity Fee (90 days) 3.00€
Card cash out/Administration Fee 9.00€



Maximum balance *No minimun balance 20,000.00 €
Maximum Amount to be Loaded (24 hours) 4,000.00 €
Maximum ATM Withdrawals (24 hours) 1,000.00 €
Maximum POS/Signature Purchases (24 hours) 10,000.00 €
Card to Card Transfer Max 3 transactions up to total 1,500.00 € daily



KYC 2.00 €
Chargeback handling – per chargeback 30.00 €
Bank charge for all loading through IBAN 1.00 € per deposit
3D Secure fee per transaction FREE

What is FILLIT Prepaid card?

FILLIT Prepaid Card is a real Mastercard card that can be funded with any currency. Thus make it possible to make any payment in the real world by using it at any shop or restaurant and online shopping. Furthermore, it can be used by companies to pay staff or suppliers.

Fill your pocket with FILLIT

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