Bonuses will depend on the volume of token you buy. The scale is progressive. The more token you buy in a transaction the higher the bonus amount you will receive.

Branding and

Here is the legendary innovation in ICO Investment through simplicity usage of cryptocurrencies


FILLIT is the synonym for worldwide trading and offers flexibility, freedom, speed and economy.


FILLIT accurately accomplishes every goal and grows steadily and dynamically.

Token Allocation

Token Distribution


12 %

of Total tokens ( 36,000,000 FILLIT) remain to Owners

20 %

of Total tokens ( 60,000,000 FILLIT) will use for Loyalty, Rewards, Gifts and more services.

68 %

of Total tokens ( 204,000,000 FILLIT) will go for public crowd funding.


Today and Tomorrow

It connects the present and the future Fillit is a modern art, an easy and convenient service, available from any device with a fully functional Android and / or iOS version. Users have a FILLIT multi-currency FIAT wallet and a private key that is kept to protect their funds. The Fillit wallet can be loaded instantly with cruptocurrencies.

With the innovations of the Fillit Crypto / Debit Mastercard, CryptoBanking becomes available to anyone, with features such as enhanced security and simplicity of use that make it flawless. Users can upload their card from their wallet and choose between different cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, ERC20, etc.) to make their payments.

FILLIT now owns its own ICO (FILLIT ICO), which is due to start in November of 2017, with an initial sales value of EU €0.04 per FILLIT ICO. You can send us your orders to


Now that concepts such as Ewallet, cryptocurrency, ICO, blockchain, DLN (Decentralization Mechanism) have been embedded in your mind, it is becoming apparent that a new Online Investment World is unfolding in front of you! Be sure that the most fair and transparent way of investing is ICO and particularly FILLIT ICO! FILLIT in complete consciousness, offers access to all information regarding structure, rates, commissions, etc., as long as you refer to Whitepaper (link). We will be glad to give you even more information by email.

Take advantage of the information from the emerging industry of FILLIT ICO and win what you have avoided to date!


Improved spending conditions, fast money sending abroad and other innovative services!

If you are an entrepreneur and often make bulk payments, then Fillit and you are on the same route!

Thanks to the strong base for developing multi-currency products, bridge the gap between Crypto and Fiat's coins in daily life following the principle of decentralization.

Multiple payment settings are especially useful for you as they help you make payments to multiple recipients at the same time saving time, money and other unnecessary costs.

Iamge Description
Iamge Description

Decentralization and Blockchain

The decentralized mechanism, developed by FILLIT to make flexible and faster payments, provides customers with sufficient liquidity and minimization of any risk, by using a decentralized liquidity (DLN) network. Because of DLN, network participants interact securely with each other and at the same time make payments with any blockchain element and any currency in the fastest, cheaper and more transparent way.

FILL ICO came to redefine the concepts of transparency, transaction speed, currency conversion, capital transfer!

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FILLIT ICO is a tantalizing proposal by Fillit in order to secure the funds needed to further develop and expand its work. The FILLIT ICO market is a safe way of increasing the funds of potential investors and at the same time a carefully documented way of financing and expanding an existing product and service. Each sale of FILLIT ICO is governed by the Terms and Conditions and constitutes a separate document describing the terms of the agreement between the investors and the holders of FILLIT ICO. Image description

Profit Share

30% of corporate profits are distributed to Tokens holders. Each owner receives a profit share depending on the number of Tokens purchased. Payments are made in the Fillit wallet.

Financial Reporting

Access to reports is determined by the number of originally purchased Tokens. Participants who hold Tokens worth more than € 30,000 have access to real-time FILLIT statistics while annual reports are available to other Token holders.

FILLIT Technologies